Shipping Updates

This page will summarize my current shipping estimates for preorder items. These estimates can also be found on the individual product pages.


First, here is some general information about my shipping timelines:


IN-STOCK: non-preorder products are generally shipped within a week, though it may take as long as two weeks after you place your order.

PREORDER: preorder items generally take 2-4 months to ship after you place an order. This is due to the amount of time stock takes to arrive AND the volume of preorders placed in my store. For example, as of June 2024 I have over 400 preorders to fulfill. I can normally only fulfill 30-50 orders in any given week. And with dozens of new preorders coming in every week, I'm constantly working to fulfill these orders and catch up. So please keep 2-4 months from the date you placed your preorder in mind as a general estimate! More specific estimates for current preorders can be found below.

NEW RELEASE PREORDERS: Please note that my preorders for my upcoming or new releases are NOT retailer-release-day preorders. My preorder/fulfillment timelines are specific to my shop and are based on the volume of open preorders and the delivery status of the stock I've ordered. It can often take months to fulfill new release preorders, even after the book is officially released on retailers. These products will remain a "preorder/backorder" item in my shop until all orders are fulfilled and I have excess stock ready to be shipped.




-Orders placed BEFORE May 20th have been shipped.
-Orders place WITH any of the Entangled with Fae Special Edition Hardcovers will ship according to that product's timeline (see that estimate below). 
-Orders placed between May 20th and June 15th are estimated to ship throughout ALL of June and July.
-Orders placed after June 15th are estimated to ship throughout all of August.

-Orders placed on May 20th/21st are estimated to ship throughout ALL of June-August.
-Orders placed after May 21st are estimated to ship September-October.


I am so grateful for your patience while I balance shipping orders with writing. Please know that I want to get your books to you as badly as you want them! But since these are all hand-signed, quality checked, and packed by me, they do take time. Thank you for being awesome, and happy reading!