Special Edition FAQ & Waitlists

When it comes to my Entangled with Fae Special Editions, I get a lot of questions about availability and restocks. So I've compiled some handy info here!

First, however, if you want to get on the waitlist for upcoming restocks, you can sign up at the links below. Those on my waitlist will be emailed FIRST as soon as restocks are scheduled/live.

Sign up for my CURSE OF THE WOLF KING waitlist here

Sign up for my HEART OF THE RAVEN PRINCE waitlist here

Sign up for my KISS OF THE SELKIE waitlist here

Sign up for my A TASTE OF POISON waitlist here

Sign up for my A DREAM SO WICKED waitlist here

Here is the full schedule for upcoming drops:

-Monday April 15th: A Taste of Poison SE PAPERBACK preorder

-Monday April 22nd: A Dream So Wicked SE HARDCOVER (first drop) preorder

-Monday April 29th: A Dream So Wicked SE PAPERBACK preorder

-Monday May 20th: Full restock drop, all 5 SE HARDCOVERS preorder (the preorder link will ONLY be sent to those who are signed up for at least one of the above waitlists!)

Now on to the FAQ!

Q: Where can I find your Entagled with Fae special editions?
A: My special editions are exclusive to my shop and aren't sold anywhere else! You can find my special edition section here: https://tessonjaodetteshop.com/collections/special-editions

Q: Wait, didn't they used to be on Etsy?
A: Yes, all my signed books used to be on my Etsy store, but I have since transitioned to my own shop. You can still find art prints on Etsy, but this is my official home for signed books!

Q: Are your special edition hardcovers always available?
A: No, my special edition hardcovers are only available in limited drops and they sell out fast! For more info on restocks, see questions below.

Q: What special features do your special editions include?
A: My special editions for this series contain the following special features:
-Gold foil on the dust jacket
-Sprayed edges
-Exclusive dust jacket and hardcover case
-Fully redesigned interior with custom chapter spreads and headings
-Two character art illustrations inside
-All new art by Lauren Richelieu

Q: Are the special editions signed?
A: Yes, they come hand-signed

Q: The special edition I want is sold out! Will there be a restock?
A: The 2024 restock is scheduled for May! Please see the release schedule at the top of this page for dates. The best way to be notified when the restock is live is to sign up for one of my waitlists (linked above) or my regular newsletter: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/5f4694686c2af100263c971d

Q: Will the 2024 drops be different?
A: Somewhat. I decided to use a new printer in 2024 for the first drop of A Dream So Wicked (April) AND the restock drop for all 5 books (May). The books will have all the same features and design elements as before, and will be the same size. The three differences are 1.) the interior paper color is lighter 2.) the edges are digitally sprayed instead of hand-sprayed, with a solid top and bottom edge, and a patterned outer edge 3.) they will include full-color endpapers. Using a new printer allowed me to include these upgrades, as my previous printer wasn't able to do them. I know this may cause some disappointment, as these new features won't 100% match the 2023 drops, and I sincerely apologize for that. I hope you will consider the hand-sprayed versions a labor of love (I literally touched each of those books numerous times lol), and these new versions a fun upgrade to your collection.

Q: Why are quantities limited? Why can't you keep restocking them like you do for your other books?
A: Special editions take WAY more time and effort to order and fulfill than my standard signed editions and must be ordered in bulk from a specialty printer, and take months to be delivered to me. Once they arrive, each book must be quality checked and hand-signed before being packed and shipped. It's a very time consuming procures and limits the amount of books we can purchase, store, and ship out at once.

Q: Are all the Entangled books getting a matching special edition?
A: yes! So far, books 1-4 have gotten their first drop. Book 5 will get its first drop late April 2024. Then in May, the second drop for all 5 books will go up for preorder.

Q: Are there paperback versions of these special editions?
A: yes! Once each hardcover edition's first drop has been released and fulfilled, I will be releasing paperback versions. They will also be exclusive to my shop and will include many of the same features as the hardcover, such as the animal cover art with gold title (printed gold, not foiled), full color character art printed on the inside of the front and back covers, and the same illustrated interior. These editions will not include sprayed edges. Since the paperbacks don't require a special print run, they will be regularly stocked, like my standard editions. To be notified when the paperback versions release, sign up for any of the waitlists above. You can also check my shop to see which versions are currently available/in stock: https://tessonjaodetteshop.com/collections/special-editions